We Are Committed To Safely Feeding Our Community.

Proceeds from these orders will go to our hardworking and dedicated team.

Responsible Stewards of Our Community

When our longtime chef retired, we were faced with a monumental task of replacing someone whom had become part of our family.  We have been fortunate to find Chef Wards and for well over a year he has been providing delicious, fresh & healthy meals for our busy family.  As working parents, we often need to make sacrifices but with the addition of Chef Michael’s service into our lives, we are able to spend more valuable time with our family and less time meal planning, shopping, and cooking. It has been a great year and we look forward to many more.

Candice K

Michael and is team are my top choice for the parties we host in our home. They are an extension of our family and treat our home as if it is their own. The food is amazing, presentation flawless and the staff is so friendly and warm.  The best part is that when they leave you would never know we just hosted 60 guests.  I would highly recommend Michael and his team for your next gathering.

Christy K

We hired Michael Wards at the Austin Artisan from a distance:  we live in Paris, France, and were planning my father’s 90th birthday party in Austin from afar.  My father is a gourmet eater who is also quite particular with his likes and dislikes.  The dinner guest list included foodies, picky-eating children and vegetarians — and my father’s favorite dish is lamb.  Sound like a recipe for disaster?  Or at the very least an impossible undertaking? Chef Michael made the impossible possible.   We had the MOST delicious home dinner I have ever tasted, without exaggeration, and every single dinner guest felt the same way.   Michael’s menu-planning was the first impressive feat of staggering genius :) :  an assortment of appetizers that still make my mouth water — totally surprising, complicated flavors coming together flawlessly, with a near 50-50 mix between vegetarian and meat

Jennifer C